To make sure you have your own unique pre-wedding photo, We will plan different concept of pre-wedding shooting for each customer. In order to achieve the best outcome, we insist that each photographer will only be in charge of 8 shooting per photographer

There is a drastic difference between constructive advise and a meaningless Q&A session. The former directs you to what your heart desires, and what compliments you the best. In addition, it responsibly leads the entire creation to a suitable direction. The latter basically is a method of recording, capturing your words and trying to grasp your demands. Many times, even if the outcome is not satisfying, it all points back to the customer. I am deeply convinced that each couple is unique, and there’s no one skill that does it all. We are not supposed to be taking reference from another pre wedding photo as those are irrelevant to yourself. I also believe that what you need and deserve is some real professional advises and design, and that’s our job; To offer the most comprehensive and delicate communication. 
Founder, U Wang

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Every single moment during your wedding is precious, and that’s why your actual day photographer plays a vital role. It’s our life mission to discover breathtaking moment and translate them into image. Like story telling, we allows you to rediscover your wedding through our lens.

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It is a cliche nowadays to convert your actual day footage into a movie. However, with the aid of many equipments and after effect, those effects were not what we are after. In fact, we see your wedding as the elevation of your love story. A journey with many untold story and unforgettable moments. Our responsibility is to document them and allow your family to recall these memories whenever they want to

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