Before this shooting started, I had used quite a some time to search for a view in Ipoh, a view which is nice but not often used for other shooting.

It take us a long period of time to complete this pre wedding shooting, from photoshooting to video shooting, of course preparation as well. I sincerely thank everyone who participate in it.

Shooting finished doesn’t mean busy work end, because of a number of cameras were used during this shooting, it gives us quite some time to edit this shooting.

After that I have another project incoming that need me to go oversea, after back to Malaysia not much time left for editing.

In order to release this video at 28th of August is abit tight in schedule and also very tiring. But since I have already set the date of release is on the 28th of august, I keep my promise and I now i finally done it!

Enjoy the video, hope you guys like it!


  1. by lynn on 14/12/2014  8:19 AM Reply

    Hi, would like to enquiry about pre wedding photography..details and current rate as we are interested in urs shooting..tq

    • by uwang on 07/08/2015  12:26 PM Reply

      Hi Lynn,

      Thank you for your inquiry and your patience. For more information on the current prices, feel free to contact us at 016 414 5323. :)

  2. by Mahmod on 08/08/2015  10:06 AM Reply

    This is what we need - an insight to make evoynere think

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