The Color Generation

That’s a good news for me, Christina & Andrew told me that they’ll be back to Ipoh this weekend ….. in the same time, Pinky is free on this weekend too. Great!! It’s very hard to get all of them together. It seems so fast time has passed, I’m still left 3 more days but I’m not yet get really and no idea too ……. -.-”

A month ago, I’ve organize a new conceptual photo session as a sample for me new studio in Ipoh. 3 days before Christina & Andrew come back, my thinking is empty. I still not yet get ready for the shooting and I don’t have any idea …..

2 more days before the shooting, finally I’ve got an idea. This idea was inspired more to advertising concept. To make the visualization more contrast and outstanding, I’ve chosen some striking & colorful costume match with the old building. The visualization of the photos are very important but not forget the expression of the models are important too. Therefore, I’ll put more attention to focus on this point also. I’ve decided to only use 28mm lens for the whole shooting session.

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