Kevin & Bao Bao

I have a Kevin, I have a Bao Bao… Urgh…

It is great to see Bao Bao again. Yeap, the last time we met was during her brother’s wedding. It is a family thing that they appreciate our service. From our previous collaboration we know that Bao Bao is a very meticulous bride and to live up to that standard, we spent a tremendous effort in comprehensive her request and the flow of her wedding.

I got to revisit these familiar faces as I arrive to her house. In addition for this round, she convenes a group of wonderful friends as her bridesmaid. I have to give them credit, as they have prepared some most hilarious game I have ever seen (catch a glimpse of it from the images). The brothers are required to dressed up as Minions and Pikachu, oh my! And there’s a whip that punishes those who didn’t follow the rules.

The sporting brothers made a good match with the games prepared. When they are requested emulate the viral Pen Pineapple Apple Pen, they jumped right in to the beat. When the Groom finally meet Bao Bao and leave with her, the bride can’t help but to break out in tears. She has been brewing her emotion for a while and parting her family and to make a new one with Kevin means a lot to her.

It was a great morning and perfected by Bao Bao’s very classical residence. It attracts a good lighting into the place and I pair them up with the groom’s handsome Porsche… And Urgh! There goes my work